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Naturals Baseball hosts a number of camps each season throughout Central and North Florida for youth baseball training with a setting ranging from 15 to 30 players, depending on the camp. 

What should players bring with them to camps and/or clinics?

Full baseball attire: baseball pants, t-shirt, belt, baseball socks, baseball hat.

Baseball gear: cleats, glove, bat, helmet, catching gear, etc.

Additional: Turf shoes, sneakers, drinks, sweat rags.

If bad weather occurs, how will I know if the camp or clinic is cancelled?
Weather cancellations will be communicated on our Naturals Baseball website homepage:, on our Go Naturals Facebook page, and by direct text message. 

Who runs the camps?

All camps will be conducted by the Naturals Baseball staff instructors and former academy team players. Current academy team players (ages18+) may serve as additional instructors.

Where are camps held?

Since locations vary throughout many counties, all fields are local to different camps. Naturals Baseball partners with the best fields in the area to support excellent camp functionality and experience.

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